Free Samer Issawi – action in Warsaw!

Free Samer Issawi – action in Warsaw!

Yesterday morning (April 9th) in the centre of Warsaw (Constitution Square) a huge banner was hanged, demanding the release of Samer Issawi, a political prisoner held by Israel, who has been on  hunger strike for 256 days now hoping to regain freedom.

Samer Issawi has been imprisoned without any formal charges or any chance of a fair trial. After recently examining Issawi, doctors testified in court that, due to his body exhaustion, he could be facing death any time.

Samer Issawi is one of more than 200 Palestinians who are held in the so-called „administrative detention”, an institutionalized practice by the Israeli authorities to terrorize, humiliate and intimidate the residents of occupied Palestine.

Administrative detention is a procedure that allows the Israeli military to detain any Palestinian without charges or trial. It clearly violates international humanitarian law and human rights conventions.

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