Appeal for protests against Polish-Israeli top level government meeting in Jerusalem

Appeal for protests against Polish-Israeli top level government meeting in Jerusalem

We are calling on human rights activists around the world to picket Polish embassies in their countries over the Polish government’s strategic meeting with Israel in Jerusalem – and de-facto endorsement of Israel’s land-grab and evicitions policy in the occupied city – on the 24th of February.

Most countries meeting for dialogue with Israel do so in Tel Aviv because this is the Israeli capital and not Jerusalem. Poland’s Prime Minister as well as Foreign Minister, Defence Minister, Minister for Culture and Minister for the Economy are meeting their Israeli counterparts to discuss upgrading economic and defence co-operation.

Few government have held such meetings in Jerusalem, but every time they do, they endorse and normalise Israel’s human rights violations and degrade international law.

Polish human rights activists are calling for solidarity activists to protests outside their local Polish embassy to met the Polish government know that their actions represent a step backwards for a just peace and human rights in the region.

Ewa Jasiewicz of Kampania Palestyna said: ‚There can be no negotiating on stolen land, no upgrade of relations whilst Israel continues its violations, we are calling for respect and justice for an imprisoned people seeking release. We need international pressure to remine Poland of its’ obligation under international law and to protest every governmental normalisation of apartheid and gross human rights violations. Please support human rights and just peace by standing up to this meeting and with us in Poland who say ‚ not in our name’

Israeli activists released a statement to the Polish government in which they said,

‚To the best of our knowledge, Poland’s present policy towards Israel has been shaped, to a great extent, by the history of Jews in Poland. If there is any lesson to be learnt from this chapter in history, it should be a universal lesson. When Israel is subjecting millions of human beings to indiscriminate violence and humiliation we say: Not in our name! And when Israel is committing these acts, we expect your protesting voice to be heard as well’.

Omar Faris of Socio-Cultural Association of Palestnians in Poland said, ‚For Palestinians, this meeting represents a negligence of Poland’s obligations to uphold international law and call Israel to account. Palestinians will see this meeting as a betrayal ‚

Kampania Palestyna (Polish Palestine Solidarity Campaign)